Monday, May 16, 2011

What I learned today

I learned that if you mix up a batch of staining solution (Walnut Ink crystals and water) you shouldn't mix it in an empty Simple Green bottle.
My husband just found my solution (which somehow got stuck with the other cleaning supplies), I didn't put it there.
He says to me, "what is this black stuff in the Simple Green bottle???" He has sprayed it all over the stove and white ceramic tile counter tops. lol
Me thinking. Wow don't waste that I don't know where to get the crystals and I might not have a lot left.
Well I feel better now. I just found out it wasn't a Simple Green bottle, it was Spic and Span. I was wondering how I got an empty Simple Green bottle to use since I just bought the new ones. Glad I didn't get desperate for a bottle and empty Simple Green down the drain.
I love always learning.


  1. wow. they still make spic and span? hmmmm! and yes keep that brown "gold" hidden!

  2. Oh Kat...too funny? We used to have a big dog and in the spring I would stop him at the door and rinse his feet in a plastic bowl...that ended up on the counter one time...which I noticed my husband eating cereal out of...23 years of marriage and I still haven't had the heart to tell him. Have a good day ~*~Lisa