Sunday, May 8, 2011

My son

One time when my now 20 year old son was about 4 he was being all crabby. NAP TIME. We had one of those conversations that make you realize how kids learn and repeat.
Me: You need to get up on that sofa and take a nap.
Him: I am not tired.
Me: You need a nap.
Him: (sniffling while getting on the sofa) you're treating me like a Bit**
Me: (swat on the butt) Now say that again young man.
Him:(sniffling more) You're treating me like a Bit**
Me: Do you want another swat?
Him: No! you said to say it again.

So after a couple minutes I try to figure out where he heard that. 
He meant "you are treating me like a dog" He had been watching the animal planet and evidently they use the real word when talking about female dogs. lol
Even today that memory makes me laugh.

I love my kid, it is amazing that I get a day of celebration for doing what I consider the best, most rewarding job I will ever do. And for MY mom she is amazing, a mother and daughter definitely become closer when the daughter becomes a mother.


  1. How blessed you and your family are that you know being a mother is truly a gift!! Enjoy your day.

  2. Hey Kat: What a funny, funny story!!
    Have fun this coming weekend...hope you find some awesome treasures at your sales!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Kat...isn't it funny the memories we remember and cherish.. I can think of so many funny things my kids did that suddenly remeinded me that i might have taught them what I was scolding them for or some TV show... like your son!! OOps.. even Moms have oops moments.. I guess if we were perect then our kids would never have learned from us so many of life skills now would they...


  4. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, cute story!

  5. Love the little story! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!
    Prim Blessings