Monday, May 9, 2011

The MAILMAN loves me again

I went to mail a package, and oh I got a package too. So excited. It was my package from Misi at 1890 Gable House. I had ordered her Silos and had got a prize for posting on the Tuesday display chain. Which still amazes me since we are posting pics and having fun.

Package arrived. That is my address if anyone has something they want to send to me. lol JK It wasn't open I did that at the post office. They were quite happy that it was the package I had been checking on for a month lol. I won't be driving them nuts anymore this week.
I open it there at the post office and the first thing I see is feathers. I screamed and jumped. I am thinking OMG what is this. Not even sure it is from Misi at the time. I almost peed my pants.  I am thinking to myself. It smells so good it can't be anything dead in there. And seriously it smells wonderful.
The inside contained some amazing treasures, all wrapped beautifully. Here is the Silos all wrapped with lavender and I am not sure what else it is but let me tell you it smells wonderful. (Thank goodness it wasn't a dead chicken)

These are also the awesome silhouette boxes she makes. I love them. Feathers attached. The round one is holding now the feathers that were floating on top of the box hehe. Still haven't unwrapped the silos though because the packaging is so cute and prim.

I slipped one out of the wrapping so you could see, and well of course I wanted to see as well. LOVE THEM. I am not the best photographer. I need to read my manual but the pics don't do these justice.
here everything is in the box without the scary feathers lol.

 THANK YOU MISI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it all and it was so worth the wait.