Friday, March 4, 2011

Tutorial #1 Grunging tealights

I know you all probably already know how to do this but I am going to try to do tutorials for those out there that might not. I have been crafting for a long time and I have still learned so much in the last six weeks. I have enjoyed all that everyone shares so much.
So here it is. Not sure how to do this but I am assuming it is like a regular post and so I am starting with something small and simple.

First I gather up some spices. In the bowl I have cinnamon, nutmeg, and some instant coffee grounds for texture. You can use whatever you want.
First I paint them black, but you can use dark brown. I use just cheap walmart paint or whatever you can find.
 While the paint is still wet I sprinkle the spice mixture over them with a spoon. Tap off any excess. If you see a white spot you missed, just dab it with some more paint and resprinkle. Set it aside to dry. I use an old plastic placemat that I got for like 10 cents and as you can see it gets used for all kinds of things lol.
 Drying Drying Drying. Now I should be picking up some of my mess and putting away the spices and paint. Clean the paint brush now. (Dawn)
Once they are dry and this doesn't usually take too long but that depends on temps, you will be able to tell.
I put some Modge Podge on a plate and I use a pretty stiff cheap brush ( I think they are basting brushes or something I got them in a pack of three from the dollar store) and brush them all around with the ModPodge.

 Drying Drying Drying. Now time to put away the ModPodge and clean up the other mess, clean the brush/and plate with Dawn dish soap. (Well I use original Dawn to clean all my brushes, and I have for over 20 years and I am still using the same brushes I bought 20 years ago for painting).
Okay all done, The picture doesn't look great but they do in RL.
You can add more spices after you do the modge podge if you want and then just modpodge again. Depends on how you want them to look. I like mine just like this.

(I do the same thing when I am making grungy candles, sort of) I am doing some of those later so I will post that as well.

I hope someone gets something useful out of this. They are fun and very very quick to do.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow, look at all them~ thanks for sharing!
    Love your posts!

  2. What a good idea, I bet they smell good too!

  3. You can also mix some of your paint with your Mod Podge. I use a coffee grinder( or spice grinder - got it at goodwill for $2-they are the same thing. ) to coarse grind some whole spices. Like I found mulling spices on clearance. Sometimes throw in sesame seeds. Add to the paint-Mod Podge mix. All goes on in one coat. Just another way.

  4. Thanks for sharing Kat. Good job on the tutorial!!

  5. Thanks for sharing with us. I have not tried grunging these before, but I appreciate the information. I just need to get myself motivated~ I pulled something in my neck, and it's very stiff. Not fun, I see a whirlpool in my future today. And maybe a massage from my hubby!
    Have a great weekend.