Friday, January 28, 2011


I got up at 4am. It is now past midnight. I seriously should get some sleep. I should learn to start painting at supper time. That way I might be ready for bed much earlier.  Crazy addictions.


  1. Yes, insomnia!
    yep going through the same thing!Yesterday up at 4:45am to bed 11pm( still looking at clock at12)LOL then at 4:20am wide awake, yep today I will be crashing, why we do this the crazyness of life,keeps me spinning, almost like I can't relax, keep thinking & my mind just goes every direction!
    Yes, Insomnia!
    enjoy the day, try to stay awake!

  2. Hi Kat,

    Good morning ! Rise and shine ! :o)

    I read your post from a couple days ago and there are several nice prim magazines now !

    The link above is to the A Simple Life magazine and it is just wonderful as is A Primitiive Place magazine. Also, Early American Life has been around a long time and it is suberb with articles about history and the way of life from years ago along with homes out of the past ! And then there is Mercantile Gatherings that is loaded with articles of interest and some patterns to make neat primitive creations.

    Oh, we are getting snow again ! What a wonderful old fashioned winter ! I wish spring would get here fast ! Where is that Groundhog ..ol Punxsutawney Phil ... here is a carrot or two for you to say we are having an early spring ! He only lives about 20 miles from me !


  3. I think my head just can't stop thinking. I think about what I've done and what I need to do; what I should do and what I should have done. Yep. It's all in my head cuz my body sure gets tired.
    Did you get your package yet?

  4. Hi Kat..funny reading what you said...Even on a normal schedule I hardly ever sleep really never have slept more then 5 hours a day in all my years.
    I finally learned that if my mind is going to rule me then I had to work together with my mind and change how I work and sleep. I'm lucky it's just me so my sleeping habits affect no one but me.
    I finally figured out that I create best after 6 at night so I just changed my work schedule till after 6 and do my best creating after 10 at I just work into the wee hours of the morning. go to be around 4 and get up around 10 or 11 in the winter.
    In the summer the Sunshine inspires me and I can go to bed earlier and get up earlier to work. I own a cleaning business on an Island and so it is much easier to wake up and get to work by 10:30~11.
    So I'd say depending on your situation if you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself then let your mind rule your sleep and go create till sleep calls you and get up with no guilt and know you created something great last night... On the other hand if ya have to answer to someone then tell them your situtation and tell them your mind is ruling you and you have to take a vacation from the norm for a while hope they understand... Smile

    Have an Awesome day!