Friday, November 18, 2011

What a day!

First I am going to check the mail: good news! My magazine FINALLY arrived. In a priority mail envelope so they must of sent it separate.
Very happy it is finally here. Not sure I like it as much this time but I am thinking it is because I just got the new Judy Condon book - Holidays at a Country Home. That book is just phenomenal. Anyway.
So when I leave to go I see we have company near by.
There are actually two here, one up closer, I only had my ipod and I was scared because they are so big. I didn't dare get closer.

They don't even run.
Then, THEN. I come back home and I am going to clean up the downstairs and then feel okay about crafting all day tomorrow. Oh sure! I am doing the dishes (don't have a dish washer, he is off to college lol) and wiping down the counters. OH SH&*!
I SEE THIS! coming out from under the microwave. Well I screamed, ran, and cried like a little girl. This is one big/nasty/scary looking bug. It was a little dark in there. Well I hung up on my friend, she has no idea what is going on, (I did call her back). I called my husband to get his butt out here to take care of this whatever the heck it is. He is laughing. LAUGHING! It was fake and he thought this was so funny. Yup I am thinking still not funny. I could hardly breath, I was getting ready to start packing because I was not living here any more.
Just a couple weeks ago, he left a nasty, giant, fang baring rat, on top of my hall bench and I caught a glimpse of that out of the corner of my eye as I was walking by and almost passed out.
Hahahahaha. NOT FUNNY!
Oh and before that I had ordered a Waist Watchers HAM pizza for lunch. I got pick it up. Throw it on the seat beside me and continue on with my errands. By the time I even remember I have it I am in the next town. I open it up and there is mushrooms, hamburger, pepperoni, and a bunch of other stuff all over my pizza. I call them. "Yes we gave you the wrong one, sorry" NICE so no lunch because there was just too much stuff on there for me.
I think so far this has been a pretty good day. I wish I drank.
I truly hope you all have a very good weekend. OH big country craft show tomorrow over across. Cant wait we are all getting to gether at 7:15 am to get there early. (They are one hour ahead of us over across). Woohoo can't wait. We went to a couple last weekend and they were great.


  1. UMPI is also having a craft fair Sat 9-2, would love to meet you if you get a chance stop by

  2. What's "over across"??? Have fun! Too funny about the son, when he was little, was constantly doing things like that. Luckily I don't freak easily....and he gave up after he knew he'd get payback 3-fold. Love the moose! Have a great weekend! Show us your finds! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Yeah, that bug would make you freak out!!

  4. I was told If I never saw a Moose...which I never did the year and a half I lived in Maine...that I would go back one day.

  5. That would be so cool to see moose in my backyard ~ at least once. For the bug fake or not, you can have it. I would of had a heart attack if I saw that. (I Hate Bugs & spiders)
    My husband thinks it funny to scare me with them too ~ really not funny is it.
    Glad to hear you finally got your magazine. I wasn't really happy with my issue either ~ alot of the pictures were really blurry.
    You'll have to tell me more about the other magazine ~ I never heard of this one.
    Have fun at your shows!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Okay...Kat...I'm rolling on the floor laughing at you...hahaha...I was thinking "well I'm not coming to see her now for sure with those ugly giant bugs"! Thank God it was fake cuz I really want to see those moose up close...oh and you of ! Wish I was going with your bunch tomorrow! :( boohoo...I'm crying right now! Have fun...

  7. Kat~ It's 4 am and I'm trying to get motivated..The giggles fun at the show.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. O Kat ...what a week lol love the Moose they are so cool
    Im laughing at the bug just cause it happened to you and not me ! Darn men anyway ! hope you have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  9. Love the moose sighting photos!! How cool! As far as your hubby, he'd have a bruise from me punching him in the arm from a stunt like that. Not nice!