Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wow busy busy as everyone else is I am sure.
First of all I wanted to say, I posted on facebook that I was going to have my family work for their dinner on Thanksgiving. Well my little niece thought I was serious and came in her play clothes. She had such a good time doing it though. We couldn't eat fast enough for her, she helped clean the table and all so that she could paint some more.
isn't she beautiful. 
Then the next night a bunch of my friends came over to do some crafting. And a bit of waxing and grunging went on. So much so I decided to throw some of it into the dryer to finish up faster. OMG it made the biggest mess of my dryer. My friend Nicky is here cleaning it out some for me. It was too hard with the cleaning fumes to stay in there for long lol.
If she knew I was posting a picture of her butt on the internet she would probably shove me in that dryer lol
The Blue Jays are multiplying.
The stairs leading up to my attic. I am going to bring down the Christmas decorations lol
A few years ago it was mentioned that we should only keep one tote of decorations for each holiday. Except for Christmas we should have two. Well my son has always been here to help me get them out of the attic and I wouldn't bring them all down at once. This year husband helped. OOPS.
There were a few extra totes for this holiday. I had him put them in the spare room as I passed them down.
There are more totes behind the big pile in the front lol. Too funny. I will however go through them all this year and give away some of the stuff I don't use. Make room for the new stuff I make this year. There is more throughout the house already but that wasn't in the attic so not as noticeable.
Here are three of the ornaments I received from the ornament that Amy at Bumble Bee Lane hosted. Thank you again Amy. The beautiful snowflake is from STacy at Stacy Kay Creations. I love them all.

Snowman and tree came in one package. For the life of me I cant find the card that came with it. I will tomorrow and edit my post then. It really is sweet though isn't it?

I love this little tree and as I am looking at this I see there is a sideways snowman on my tree. I don't have it fully decorated so it will get fixed soon.

Beeswax snowmen I made

Beeswax Santa I made

We finally got some snow and it was just beautiful. This is God's way of making the cold more tolerable.
 Okay so we got a pellet stove last week and installed it on Friday. We took out the woodstove. That thing was extremely heavy. Burning wood is a lot of work. Husband thought it would be funny to set it up in the yard and is now burning paper and such in it. He even reattached the stove pipe. Seriously? I am taking the rocking chair off the porch and putting out there. I am also going to go out and decorate that tree beside the shed. Haha, he might move the woodstove if I do that.
You might be a redneck if.......
So anyway it has been a busy couple of weeks. I am going to go and bring my son home for Christmas tomorrow. I will drive down in the morning, do a little shopping and then pick him up after his last final. That drive is so boring, I hope he doesn't sleep all the way home. I hope the roads are good. I am so happy to have him coming home.
I will post pictures of Christmas decorations really soon. Waiting for son to come home to put up the big tree. Can't wait, I just love Christmas.
I hope it is a good week for all. Be safe and Merry Christmas


  1. Kat , love the redneck heatin unit ! Hope you have a very merry Christmas ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. Hi Kat,Love your niece she is so ready for work such a cutie.I could never just have 2 totes for Christmas WOW that would just be the lights Ha Ha.I also will have my son home.He is on his way home right now (that's why Mom is up so late waiting on him).I hope you have a wonderful time with your son and family.

  3. Kat love the ornies you got in the swap!Have a safe drive down to pick up your son.Merry Christmas,Jen

  4. Ok - Who, exactly, made up that silly rule about tote???! I have 2+ SHELVES filled with Christmas totes!! Yikes!! And there'd be no way I'd be hauling them up and down attic stairs like that! (I think we have an attic - think my DH was up there once several years ago....) Your niece is a doll - is that red hair??? Too sweet....Safe travels my friend - what a joy to be getting your son for a home-coming Christmas....Enjoy. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Hi, Kat
    Your Neice is adorable~ a need a helper like that~
    Christmas decorations~ my Hubby thinks mine are having babies~ giggles~ but I did get rid of a bunch of old items that I don't decorate anymore with~ I thought it was time to let someone else use them~but oh, my I have Hubby help me bring boxes out of the attic~ too hard I hand them to him & he gets the hard part taking them down the steps( giggles)
    Wonderful ornaments~ you got some good ones!!!
    Glad to hear your Son is coming home~ Hope you all enjoy your time together~
    Giggles over the butt~ I would so put you in the dryer if I was her~ giggles~
    wonderful post ~always enjoy a visit with you my dear friend~

  6. oh my gosh I have probably about 8 totes for Christmas! I need to go through and pic out stuff to give my daughter for when she has her own place....won't be for a few more years anyway. Safe travels while driving!! I'm sure that your neice looooves to visit and create with you!! How fun! I've been wanting a pellet stove for when we finish our basement...don't know too much about them though...