Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Hometowns

We went north yesterday to visit my mom and do a little shopping. (Yes there is a little bit north of us, not much, but a wee bit). This song  reminds me of what we saw.
It really is sad. Stores are closing down everywhere. No one has any money. Even if it is just a few people employed, still means a few people unemployed. Vicious circle. The big businesses are putting all the small businesses out of business. I don't pretend to understand completely all the mess this country is in I just know it makes me sad to see it.
We always try to shop local if at all possible. We shop in Maine based stores, or locally owned stores. We try not to shop at the places like Walmart if we can help it.
I wish everyone would try to do the same.
Well I am off in the morning to take my son back to college :(
So I hope it is a good weekend for everyone. Stay safe and dry.


  1. What an eerie, lonesome, and sad photo - it truly says so very much. There are changes happening - economy-wise, weather-wise, and other-wise that spook me. Hope your back-to-college routine goes smooth and you're not too broken-hearted....Robin

  2. Such a sad picture, such a sad ending for some.

  3. Oh, so sad~ reminds me of Ohio~ so many steel mills & manufacturing businesses closed~ no the areas are either vacant of leveled with nothing~ Around my area we have a few mom & pop stores~I do realize it can always be worse, but I don't want worse~ I pray for better for the entire country~
    Have a safe trip with your son~

  4. Kat,
    I am afraid this is happening to all the small towns. Since Walmart went in and other fast food places about a mile out of town it hurt all the smaller stores and shops in town.
    We only have one family based drug store and one restaurant left around the courthouse square that is still open. I do not shop Walmart or eat at the fast food chains if all possible.
    Our little town has lost alot of history with all the stores closing and buildings being torn down. So I know what this is like. It affects the lives of the smaller businesses and the looks of our nice town.
    And they call it progress! Ha...
    Country at heart

  5. So gripping and sad...Im with Teresa on this one Ohio has many photos like that ...its a shame darn the big box stores anyway! Have a safe trip and a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

  6. There's a saying ... "You can never go home again" Back in the day before the malls & large chain stores took over it was a better place all around. It's very sad to think that it will never, ever be the way it used to be : ( Blessings, Shirlee

  7. yes, sad, very sad indeed! Hit some prim shops along the way....Can't believe its already time for school....

  8. Thanks for showing these sad images; we own a small fabric store and we try to buy local;and statewide if at all possible. Its like this in Michigan too. Didn't see where you were located? Merrie

  9. So true, he actually has a song about my hometown, Youngstown. Same thing happened there, so many people left. We live in a very small town and over the last thirty years, our main street is gone. So sad.
    Hope that your day went well taking your son back!