Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All of a sudden the sky got creepily black. Clouds were literally swirling in. This has been the strangest year as far as weather goes.
I made this little dress. For those of you that sew you are thinking "okay hmm" and I who have built buildings am very excited about it lol

Sweet Annie is now coming up, YEA!

More Sweet Annie

Chives.... haha

Bleeding heart has a few blossoms. Finally

I planted sunflower seeds in this big pot. I hope they do okay. Never planted them in a pot before.
Okay I thought, wooohoo I have power and internet. Everyone I call says they are out. My power company and Time Warner are probably thinking. "Yikes, make sure you get the psycho in Limestone up and running or she will be calling us and having a fit.."  Just kidding. Kind of!! :O)
However, I can't go to the store to get some bread because the power is out everywhere. (except my house)
So I hope everyone is having a great night


  1. Hi Kat~

    Yes~the weather sure has been strange this year. We've got some pretty big storms headed our way this evening. Yesterday we had some hail with our rain. Hoping you stay safe & your power stays on.

    Love your little dress!!


  2. love, love the new did a fab job!! so proud of you!! Yes...weird weather for sure!
    your sweet annie is lookin' great! Mine are coming up in small pots...the rows I just planted won't be up for about a month....hope we have a good SA crop this year.
    have a great night and stay away from the windows! you have a basement, right?

  3. The storm pictures are scarey looking! The little dress is cute!

  4. Kathy ... Love the photos! My husband & I always love a good storm : ) I also think your little dress looks absolutely wonderful & I enjoyed seeing the photos of the things you've planted. Come visit me at my blog if you have a chance. Also, would you please email me? I have something I want to ask you & these email links on blogs always give me an error popup : ( My email is Blessings, Shirlee

  5. Love your little dress !You did a great job on it.
    The storm clouds are just scary looking !

    The sweet annie is looking good.

    Please stay safe and I hope that your power stays on.Hugs,Jen

  6. Spooky clouds, Kat...Stay safe....Love your little dress! I sew (well - used to, LOTS - not so much these days...and there's no "hmmm..." here!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Kat your photos of the storm are awesome. I love storms, not the damage they do but I do love watching them. We have not had rain in about a week at our house so I am hoping it comes soon. Your gardens look lovely and so does the little dress!

  8. What a cute little cute.
    Yep definitely nasty looking clouds..All this heat we had today it won't be long before we get a good storm, prob on Saturday when we have our yard sale. My sunflower seeds are still in the packet, maybe this. weekend they'll taste the soil