Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fire and Ice

I think I am losing my mind. I have the woodstove going in the kitchen. The front door open in the living room. It is raining out there and I love the sound of it dripping off the house. Right outside the door there is an old washtub that collects water and I can hear it like a puddle. I use the water for plants when it isn't raining and the birds like to have a little bath every now and then as well.
One minute I am cold and the next minute I am roasting like a duck. Growing up is rough :O)
Dripping so much it looks like a whirlpool. However, it keeps some of the dirt from splashing up on the house.
if you look up in the left hand corner you will see where it is screwed to the wood piece that holds the roof over our door. the overhand thingy. Can't remember what it is called but basically not screwed to the siding.
I would want to play in this if I were five years old again. Okay I want to play in it now but it is chilly out there.


  1. That would make me want to run to the bathroom... hey how did you get the flat birdhouse on your siding? I'm afraid to hammer any nails in mine....I do have those metal things that go under the siding too...but it's wide. ??

  2. Put on a jacket and some boots and get out there!!

  3. Bundle up kiddo , and a puddle jumping you should go! I love the drip drop of the rain in the spring, but here in Ohio I am sick of hearing it for a bit ! lol Enjoy your weekend!hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  4. Kat,
    I too love the sound of rain on the roof. We installed a tin roof on our home and I love the sound. But I agree with Angie, we here in Ohio have had too much rain. Now it is hot and 90 degrees. So much for spring.
    Love your trellis hanging on the front. My hubs hates when I put nails in the siding. But how else am I going to decorate? He will have to just get over it.
    Have a nice weekend. Hopefully rain free.
    Country at heart

  5. We had the wood stove on all day yesterday since it was cold and rainy here in the Maritimes and today its sunny and mild. Love your decorations Kat.

  6. I think it took 2 weeks for those tiny sweet annies to pop through....they are soooo teeny!!! Some say it takes longer??