Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not so sleepy

I am lying here watching the clock tick and can't fall asleep. Going to be a long day tomorrow. Does anyone have any great idea for Thanksgiving decorations? I love thanksgiving. I love the winter season. By then probably snow. But definitely time for chicken stew now. Winter means big Sunday dinners, time with family and friends. Chocolates, snuggling up under a blanket, reading a good book.
I have no idea what I am writing but there will be some editing needed tomorrow. Lol
I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Hopefully good night.


  1. hi,Kat~ I have been thinking of Turkey decorating but nothing for sure~ it is hard~ always seems like we are into Christmas before Thanksgiving~ get some sleep girl~

  2. I gave up decorating for Thanksgiving - first, it was hard to find decent Thanksgiving decorations....And now that there are some, I just don't have time - too much Halloween to take down and Christmas to put up. Chicken stew? Really? ;o) Hope you got some shut-eye....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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