Sunday, July 24, 2011

Part II Vacation

I went to this cute prim shop in Bowdoinham Maine, Keepsakes Primitives, on my way back from Portland. It is a little off the beaten path but what isn't in Maine. Charlene and her husband make a lot of the items and they are so unbelievably nice. Check them out on facebook Here. I loved this place and will definitely be going back. I especially like it when you go to one of these shops and the people are friendly. Trust me I have been to a few where I am wondering how they do any business. They are just so snotty.
A couple views from the inside. By this time my son (who was setting in the air conditioned car) came in to drag me out so I had to hurry. That death glare they give you is a definite sign they are annoyed with waiting. Should of put him in the trunk before I went in. Wouldn't have helped though because now they put those release tabs that you can pull if you get locked in there. Oh well....

Her husband had just finished making these wonderful boxes and they are already on her facebook page, decorated. Beautiful, check them out. She makes the candles and so many other things. I was so happy to find this place.
Momma got a new toy... Can't wait to use it, just have to figure out how. A paint gun. Oh the fun i will have. (I hope)

Two new crocks from an antique store in Brunswick Maine. This place was huge. The prices varied A LOT depending on which vendor's booth you were looking at. Not sure why but oh well. Was fun to look around.
Home about an hour and tornado warnings were blaring all over tv and radio. My poor old swing, my dad made me about 17 years ago didn't make it through this one. The wind picked up to 70mph in about 3 minutes, it was amazing how fast it happened. I thought everything in the yard was coming through the windows. I actually thought the windows were going to blow right out.

Someone is going to have to gather up all those tree branches. I think they might be too big to just mow over.
My lilies are blooming but 70 mph winds seems to have done a little damage, poor things.
So far that is the pics. I did buy some sweet stuff at the shops mentioned above, Just haven't taken pics yet. I love vacation. I suppose though if I want to be able to pay for a vacation I will have to go back to work tomorrow. Good thing is my office is at home so I can stroll down in my jammies. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Looks like a chilly one out there today. It is only 60 degrees out there right now and going up to 74. Wooo it is going to be 50 degrees tonight. Yikes that is quite a drop in temps from the week. I will bottle some of this up and send it to whoever needs some temp relief.

Have a great one.


  1. Kat, I am one of the first to comment so I want cool temps. sent my way at least for a couple od days! (ha) I have always wanted to visit Maine and those temp for today make me wish I lived there. Looks like such a neat shop you found. Sorry about your swing. Thankful you are alright. Have a great day.

  2. I just gave my husband your weather report hoping he'd say "Let's go look at some houses!" but I got silence instead. It's too early in the morning for him to be conversant. Loved all the photos & I'm sorry about your swing : ( Your lilies are beautiful! Blessings, Shirlee

  3. That shop looks awesome! Love the pics and the temps! I was happy when I woke up to 77 ,it felt like a cold front.LOL! Sorry about the swing your dad made for you.Even with the wind,your lilies are gorgeous.Hugs,Jen

  4. awww can the swing be put back together? what's up with these tornados?? Love that prim shop...went to one yesterday and they had hardly any dolls. I may have to call the owner when she gets back in town...might be my new place?? love it that you can go to work in your jammies...I'm gonna pm you about some stuff!!

  5. Oh My Kat~

    Could ya send over some of that cool weather?? I could really use a break from all this heat & humidity.

    That shop looks wonderful! It is always nicer when the shop owners & employees are friendly.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky

  6. I would love to go to Maine! I will have to check out their Facebook page. Sorry about the damaging winds and your swing. :-(

  7. I'll pass on the bottled chill factor, but I would LOVE to come work for you!! Can I wear my jammies to work too? (They're decent, I assure you...) ;o) Love that little prim shop you found - can't wait to see your other treasures. We had one half-way decent shop relatively close, but it closed last year. Whaaa!! Really sad about the're so handy with wood - can' you put it back together somehow?? Glad, tho, you're safe....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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  9. Looks like a wonderful shop! Going to some prim shops on Sat. Hopefully they are as wonderful as the one you visited.
    First tie him up and put duck tape over his mouth ~ then put him in the trunk!!!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Beautiful flowers!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Wonderful goodies, but you can keep the wind~ yikes!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the paint gun!!!