Saturday, July 9, 2011

Knock Knock! Let me in, I am home!

Well wow this has been a couple of seriously crazy weeks, with my dad, work, the store. Life in general. I think I can finally take a deep breath without choking on it lol.
I have been trying to keep up with posts and such but it is very hard when life is a whirlwind. I hope everyone is having a great summer. A quiet, relaxing one. Everyone needs a few days to just do nothing. I am going to do that one of these days soon.
Some pictures:
Went to Grandfalls NB Market today and these are the Falls in Grand falls. Well they have installed this cable thing here and you can get strapped to hit and ride across the falls to the other side. Hanging in the air from a cable?????????? I THINK NOT LOL. Can you just imagine the complaints they get or the puke they would have to clean up lol
The market in Grandfalls is pretty cool. They have food, crafts, a band, and lots of people every Saturday.

Some finds from the thrift store, the crock I got at a Old Home week in a local town. They had a few vendors there. he sold me this Ft Edwards Stoneware #2 for 15. I thought it was an okay price and wanted it so I now have it. I never know how much these things should cost but I figure if I like it and I like the price, then the price is right.

The hanging ball I made with two planter thingys is filling in quite nicely. It is so heavy though I have to leave it setting on the patio table because I can't hang it lol duh, never thought of that when I was making it.

Woohoo, this pot is filling in nicely as well. I am going to make  a ceramic table top with broken plates. We shall see.

I put my box on my porch door. I added a candle but left all the stuffings as they were. I can't wait to change things for the other holidays. I really like the little candle.

A bird has laid eggs in a hole in our lawn. Doesn't even look like a nest, just a hole. We actually put a marker there so we wouldnt run over the eggs or mom while mowing the lawn. I don't know how we have missed it so far.

Weird huh

I had some garden stakes that I had to cut off so I made little shelves with the leftovers. Used some of the little peat pots and planted fake plants in them. Well planted so to speak. Make a little fence about a foot tall. Add a piece of wood for the shelf and glue on some peat pots. Add a tag and star. DONE
Well I have missed seeing what everyone has been up to and I am so happy that my life is not quite so nuts.
I hope all is well and that you are all enjoying your summer.


  1. Hey Kat! Welcome back! Glad you can slow down a little or for awhile. I've been bad at visiting the gals blogs too. Took a break myself and worked on keeping cool;o)

    My daughter does that cable flying stuff. Not me, nope. That is a pretty view,=.

    You need to hook your flower pots to a pulley system so you can put your weight behind it and lift with ease;o) Your flowers are very pretty.

    Might that be a mocking bird nest? I know there's a bird that will lay their eggs in the rocks, 'cause we had one lay her eggs in our driveway once. She worked hard to keep everyone and every critter away from it.

    I think $15 is a good price for that crock. No cracks I hope:o)

    Your shelf is cute and clever to use the leftovers:)


  2. Great pictures. You have some beautiful flowers. Love the crock. From my neck of the woods that would have been a fantastic price. Those things around here(when you can find them) are to expensive to purchase. For me that is. Hoping things are calming down for you and you can take time for a rest. Have a Sunny Sunday
    thru nanas window

  3. Hey there Kat,
    I like all your finds, and I am with you! I wouldn't want to go across on a tightrope anything! I love your little shelf and the birds nest is interesting, I don't know why they would do that, but Carol had a tip. I don't know enough to comment.
    Have a great day!

  4. hi, Kat
    the falls~ Oh, I can smell the water & hear the sound~ love it!!
    Your flowers are looking great~ filling out so pretty~
    The nest is too cool~ I never seen one in the yard before~ so fascinating~ what kind of bird is it?
    enjoy your day~

  5. cool the picket fence shelf...and the door box! My blue flowers (like yours have died ;)..can't remember what they're called)...must have overwatered them?
    we have 4 baby blue birds ready to be pushed out of their birdhouse in our back yard...we've been watching them before they so cute...the mom and dad were dive bombing josh yesterday when he was looking inside!! glad you can breath now! just remember to stay clear of all the crazies!!

  6. Good morning Kat~

    Welcome back!! Love your little garden stake shelf!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday~Becky

  7. Kat,
    Welcome back, great treasures, and your flowers are growing beautifully, I think that nest is from a killdear they are good at that (just my guess) . those falls are gorgeous but Im with you , no way you would ever strap me into anything that high up attached to a mere cable! lol I hope you can now kick back a bit and enjoy a lil good ole summertime!hugs lil raggedy angie

  8. Woo Hoo!! Welcome Back Girlfriend!! Missed ya!! Great view...but unh way on the cable ride...Pretty blooms - and I am still loving your wall box...and that sweet little shelfy thing you made. Cool beans!! I'm with Angie - I think that's a killdeer's nest you have there....Hope you find some time to enjoy the summer....Have a great Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Cool pics of the falls ! How interesting to find a nest on the ground.Do you know what type of bird made the nest? Your flowers are so pretty and love the ball planter. Have great evening,Jen