Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shipping Options

Does anyone know how this shipping business works if you sell online??? I went the the US postal service website and I put in a box size and a weight. It was just an estimation. For a five pound box that does not exceed the crazy size limits, to send to Washington, it says it will be 50.00. If I send it parcel post it is 12.00. that is a tremendous difference. I got those free boxes at the post office and they are priority mail boxes but they work great. However I don't think anyone is going to want to charge 50 dollars to mail a package. That is crazy.


  1. Kat,,

    Did you get the Priority Flat Rate boxes?? If you get the Flat Rate it is one cost if it fits. They range from around $5 to $15.00 for shipping, there are small, med, large, x-large..check them out. Also make sure you are just using priority mail..send me your Washington zip and I'll try it
    for you...

  2. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking - but Ronda is correct about the flat rate boxes - they work great if the stuff fits-especially if you have heavy items. I do a lot of shipping from Ebay and there you can enter box dimensions, weight, how you want it shipped (priority, parcel post, media, express, etc. and options - insurance, delivery confirmation, etc.) - and when you purchase the postage online thru ebay, you get free delivery confirmation on priority mail. OUTSIDE of Ebay, it's a little funkier - through the USPS site, you can purchase postage online and print shipping labels, but only for priority mail...For some reason you can't do parcel post through their site. I was told you can if you go through and set up an account there. Good luck....Kinda goofy arrangement if you ask me. Robin

  3. I'm glad you asked this cause I've been wondering myself.

  4. I'm still learning how it all works is crazy pricing for priority....just wrap those prority boxes with brown paper bags and send them first class...sneaky but it works if you like the box size!