Thursday, April 14, 2011


When someone responds to my post I.,  99% of the time respond to that by email. Do you see those? Anyone?
I have emailed Old Road Primitives to tell her I received my swap gift and it is absolutely amazing it but she doesn't see my email at all. I also emailed her to see what type of things she liked as I have never done an official swap before and I thought that was what we were suppose to do. No response. So if you are reading this post believe me I am trying to contact you but I think my emails might be going to your junk mail maybe. I will post a pic tonight but please don't think I am ignoring you.


  1. Hi Kat,

    Sorry this has happened but I have not received any of your emails! Due to having a business, I check my "Spam" Folder all the time because things do end up in there! Have you been emailing me through Google or my Yahoo Account? Regardless, I hope that you enjoyed all of the lil' Goodies that I sent you! Have a great day! Kim

  2. I just responded, it was going to "no-reply" I am not sure how that happens but it did.
    Sorry thanks again.
    Let me know if you didn't get your email the 6th time lol

  3. I would say that Old Road Primitives doesn't have her email address on her profile. when you get ready to respond to a comment, after you hit reply, check and see if there is an email address there or if it says, no reply commenter. if it does, that person doesn't have an email on her profile. hope this helps you figure out your email situation.