Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Around the Corner

Thanksgiving came and went and it was wonderful. My brothers and their families came. Did you ever notice that it takes hours to cook that big meal and only minutes to eat it?
Has everyone got their decorations out and up? We did ours on Sunday and it looks beautiful. I really need to take some pics but ............. Adding to my list of to dos. Never enough hours in a day. I would think with all the caffeine I drink that 4 hours of sleep a night would be sufficient. 
I took a nap on Thanksgiving. Black Friday shopping in my view. Getting up at 2:30 to go shopping. Did exactly that. Since the stores mostly opened at midnight the shopping was great. The major crowds were gone and I still got everything I had planned on getting. Well a few things extra. I know it is crazy but I love all the craziness of black Friday. Since my alarm was blaring at 2;30 it woke everyone up. Hey that worked out, they tagged along. :)
Back to work on Monday. Forgot to reset my alarm. Goes off at 2:30 am. I get up, get ready for work. Hmmm I wonder what is wrong with the dog. She didn't come down to eat and go out. I look at the clock, how much time before I have to leave? WHAT??? it is only 3:30. Lovely. Well I can't go back to sleep now, wide awake. It was a very long day at work. I am hoping by Friday to be getting up and going to bed at somewhat normal hours. As close to normal as possible anyway.
I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving. So looking forward to Christmas.


  1. Yes, I have thought about how long it takes to prepare such a meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas and it's over in no time at all. We need to find a way to slow it down. Maybe if we ate real real slow but when the food is so good you want to gobble it as fast as you can! Hope you got some good buys shopping!

  2. But it tastes so good, it's hard to slow down and enjoy that wonderful Thanksgiving meal! 2:30 a.m. to go shopping??!! Oh boy, you are a dedicated shopper! Hope you've caught up on your sleep and reset that alarm clock :O) Deb

    1. Haha, I love the crowds and craziness. I didn't go for anything in particular. they do have some good deals on clothes for winter.
      I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well.

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